Do you need a website?

Yes, of course you do! A website is your home on the internet and plays an important role in helping you meet your business goals.

Some very good reasons to have a website:

Introduce Yourself: A website is a welcoming place to showcase you and your organization, products or services before customers come to your establishment. It’s like a peek in the window before you open the door.

Credibility: A credible website goes a long way in reassuring users that you are trustworthy and knowledgeable. FAQs, tesimonials, and useful links are beneficial to your website’s credibility.

Communication: A website gives your users clear, constant and easy to use ways to communicate. Contact forms, email address, phone number and social media links are standard on any website. Map, directions and hours for businesses with a physical storefront or office.

Announcements: A website keeps customers in the loop with sales, events, changing hours, new products or projects, remodeling, etc.

Team: A website introduces team members. Show the human side of a business with information on who they are, how they contribute, and a tiny bit of personal things.

“But I have Instagram and Facebook”

Instagram, Facebook and et al. are awesome tools for getting your name out there and keeping people engaged. That is what they do best and that is what their websites are built around. Your website should be built for you and around what YOU do best. Use social media sites to drive traffic to your website, not as a replacement for your website.

Small is Good

If you are at the start of your business, you need a website that is easy on your budget and your time. I might have just the thing you are looking for. A little starter package that is budget friendly, includes all the basics, and is easily updated.

What’s Included

  • WordPress and theme
  • Customized design
  • 3 pages to get you started
  • WordPress walkthrough to familiarize you with the dashboard and editing your website.

Be prepared with your content:
Copy in a text only document without formatting.
Photos – for best results, provide clear well lit and large photographs that you took or have a license to use.

Only $500

Add Hosting

  • 1 domain (if needed)
  • SSL certificate
  • 30 minutes per month content updates
  • Website maintenance like updating WP, theme & plug ins
  • Up to 10 email accounts
  • $20 per month

If you need more updates or maintenance time, no problem!
Additional time can be billed at $40 per hour

Interested in the little starter package?

Awesome! Let’s start with this form: