The Process . . . more or less, every situation is different

1. Consultation – We talk. I listen to what you have to say. We determine your needs and discuss solutions. We will talk about your options like hosting, domains, ecommerce, etc. If you already have a site, I can help you identify areas that aren’t providing optimal results and suggest improvements.

2. Scope and Estimate – After we talk about what you need, I will put together a preliminary scope. A scope is an outline of the project. It includes things like what plug ins I will install, the pages that you need, who will provide the content, the different elements in the header and footer, etc.

The basic scope includes the following:

  • Install WordPress and theme
  • Install plugins including security, back-up and SEO
  • Website design includes two free rounds of revisions
  • Photo and other graphic work as needed
  • Communicate with host and other providers on your behalf
  • Training and Support when and as needed:
  • Walk throughs on writing and publishing posts and pages
  • Familiarize with WordPress Dashboard
  • Familiarize with Yoast SEO
  • Addressing questions and concerns via emails and phone

3. Once you go over the scope and we make any needed changes, I will provide an estimate for the project. On your approval of the estimate, I will bill for half of the estimate (the remainder will be due when the site is finished) and proceed with the work. If you think of something you want that is outside the estimate, not a problem! I will be happy to adjust the scope and estimate at any time.

This is when I will need your content. Copy in a text only document without formatting. Photos – for best results, provide clear well lit and large photographs that you took or have a license to use.

4. Education and Support – I will provide one to one oral instructions and/or develop pdf manual as needed for maintaining and updating various proponents of website. I will also address your concerns as they arise and provide periodic progress updates.

5. Once the site is done – Any time after I hand off the site, you can contact me with any questions. Updating your site the first few times can be a little stressful, please feel free to reach out!

What You Bring to the Table

Oh yes, I have questions! Nothing you can’t handle though, just some things we will go over during the initial consultation.

  • Purpose. What is the main role of your website? For example, are you using it to educate potential customers, as a journal or blog, or perhaps showcase services or products?
  • Audience. Who do you want to come to your website? Design considerations for age group, location, gender and common interests can help engage the audience you want to target.
  • Communication. How do you communicate with you audience and how do they contact you? Phone, fax, email, social media, skype, live chat, perhaps GoToMeetings?
  • Social Media. What social media sites do you actively use to promote your business?
  • Competition. Who is your competition? What sets you apart, how do you provide a better service or product? Please include their website addresses.
  • Style Guide. Do you have a style guide, branding guidelines, logo, etc?
  • Examples. Website designs that you like and some that you don’t like – links please!
  • Questions. Bring a list of questions so we can cover all your concerns.

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